Bear Archery Prowess RTH


  • $ 499.99

The Prowess is the ultimate bow that delivers premium performance for the female archer. Strategically designed to be ergonomic for women, the Bear Archery Prowess is a lightweight, easy to maneuver, single cam bow with Bear's industry leading super smooth draw cycle. For 2022, the Prowess receives several updates including an all-new grey and electric blue finish, giving it a look to match the incredible performance. The Ready to Hunt bow comes equipped with Trophy Ridge accessories, which includes: a 4-pin sight, V-Biscuit, Stabilizer, 5-arrow quiver, stabilizer, wrist sling, D-loop, and a no tie peep sight.

  • New Color

    Now available in Grey and Electric Blue
  • Smooth Draw Cycle

    Perimeter weighted single cam reduces bow recoil
  • Vibration Reduction

    Rockstops™ offset string suppressor eliminate vibration
  • Adjustable Draw Length

    FH1™ Rotating Module Single Cam System allows for highly-adjustable draw lengths

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