ElimiShield Core Body Foam

ElimiShield Core Body Foam


  • $ 13.99

ElimiShield® HUNT Core Body Foam is a gentle but effective full body deodorant and hand sanitizer.  It is safe for daily, direct to skin use. 

Applied correctly, CORE bonds to your outer layer of skin.  It is both sweat resistant and wash resistant.  It kills 99.99% of germs and odor-causing bacteria upon application and continues working to reduce odor long after application. 

Body odor is a deal breaker with big game.  Body odor is caused by bacteria feeding on dead skins cells.  Your body exfoliates 20,000 - 30,000 skins cells covered in odor causing bacteria every hour of every day.  Translation, you're dumping 150,000+ odor producing skins cells on your stand on each hunt.  When using CORE Body Foam, not only are you not producing body odor during your hunt, you're not leaving any of your human odor behind for deer to discover after you've left.  The difference you'll see is immediate and undeniable.

Core Body Foam is Alcohol Free and scent free.  It is non-transdermal and contains silk proteins to help moisturize skin. 

The 6.76 oz size of ElimiShield® HUNT Core™ Body Foam is good for 16-20 full body applications.