Bear Archery Species EV RTH


  • $ 429.99

We've taken the can't-beat performance of the Species and added two inches of draw length to quench the thirsts of our extra tall bowhunters. The Species LD offers an adjustable draw length range of 25" to 32" for a draw weight range of 55 to 70 lbs.

  • Eliminates Hand Shock

    ShockWaves limb dampening device eliminates vibration and shock

  • Vibration Reduction

    Rockstops™ offset string suppressor eliminate vibration

  • Ultimate Adjustability

    Highly-adjustable from 23.5-30.5" in draw length and 45-60 lbs. or 55-70 lbs. in draw weight

Axle-to-Axle: 30"
Brace Height: 6.75"
Draw Length: 23.5-30.5"
Let Off: 80%
Bow Weight: 4.3 LBS

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